Frequently Asked Questions

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Please browse our most frequently asked questions! If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us with questions or concerns and we will be happy to assist you. 

What age patients do you accept?

We happily accept patients of all ages! Dr. Halloran is board certified in Pediatrics as well as Internal Medicine and enjoys caring for at every stage of their life. We love taking care of the whole family as it helps us to get to know you better!

Do I still need insurance if I join MyMD Personal Family Care?

Yes, although we will not bill your insurance for our services, it is important to keep a high-deductible or wrap-around plan for care outside of our office. Accidents and emergencies are unpredictable and expensive, and you need to have insurance coverage for those situations (i.e. heart attack, car accident)

What about after hours?

MyMD Personal family care will have regular office hours Monday thru Friday for in-person visits (see our posted schedule), but we are available after hours and weekends via text, phone or video chat whenever you need us.

Are there any extra charges outside the monthly membership?

For most people, the monthly membership will include all of our care. At times there may be special procedures that require medication to be ordered for the patient or a member may request a visit at their home. If there are any additional charges, they will be discussed with the patient up front prior to billing. Please refer to the tab which explains covered and noncovered services.

Do you have vaccinations?

Although we believe in the current CDC-recommended vaccine schedule, due to the cost, we are not currently able to offer vaccinations at the MyMD location. We are actively investigating options to provide vaccinations at the office, and will keep you posted if we are able to offer this service to you in the future. At this time, we will be more than happy to make arrangements with your local pharmacy or health department to get your recommended vaccines.

Do you accept insurance?

The short answer is no, but happily no. This allows us to give you the care you deserve without a middle-man involved. We do not bill third-party insurance for office visits or collect co-pays (you may find this at concierge practices). We will continue to coordinate with all hospitals and specialists to provide excellent care for our members. All patients with insurance will still be able to use their insurance for any services outside of our office as well as for any lab service they receive at MyMD Personal Family Care.

Do you have walk-in appointments?

We prefer for patients to call us for an appointment as most of the time we will have same-day or next-day availability. This will avoid multiple people in the office and allow us to have appropriate social distancing and screening of patients in the building.

Can I have my lab-work done at the office?

Yes, for most patients 12 and over we can perform routine labs. You will have the option of billing the labs to your insurance or using our client-based billing which may provide significant discounts. We are working with Quest diagnostics to provide the most affordable pricing on routine labs and some pathology for our patients. There is a flat $10 fee to cover the cost of supplies and specimen transport. We do not charge extra for labs; we pass the savings we get on to you.

Am I able to stop my membership at any time?

Of course. Although we hope you will be more than satisfied with our care, we know that circumstances change. If at anytime you would like to discontinue your membership, we ask that you notify us in writing 30 days in advance and we will stop your payments. If you have prepaid for the year, we will refund your unused portion.

If I am healthy, why should I join?

Great job if you are healthy, that’s awesome. Keep up the good work. Although you may not have active or chronic health issues, most of us have something come up during the year: acute bronchitis, urinary tract infection, strep throat, accidental injury. Urgent care and ER visit costs add up quickly and make it well worth the low monthly fee at our office.

What about Medicaid / Medicare?

Yes we have prescribing and referring privileges for Medicaid / Medicare patients, but we do not accept it for our services.  Medicaid / Medicare patients pay the same monthly membership fees as our other members, but we use Medicaid / Medicare for any labs or services outside of our office.