What is…

Direct Primary Care?

Why/What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

DPC is essentially a movement across our country to help patients leave a broken health care system and allow them to receive excellent primary care at a fair and transparent price.
DPC takes away the worst part about the system —insurance. It removes insurance companies and excess paperwork and the middlemen that cloud price transparency for patients.
This model focuses on the quality of care which the current insurance-based system does not. For example, in a traditional practice you may wait for weeks or months for an appointment with your doctor only to arrive at the office and wait for an hour, then receive a rushed visit because the schedule was overbooked.

A Different Experience

In a DPC practice, the experience is different. You develop a relationship with a doctor that knows you and the care becomes personal. You have direct contact with your doctor. No more waiting weeks to get an appointment. Your doctor will look out for you: providing preventative services, being available when you are sick, negotiating lower prices on blood tests and scans, and swiftly addressing your health concerns. Your doctor will also continue to coordinate your care with specialists and hospitals.

Compassionate Primary Care

By removing third party insurance (save that for emergencies/surgeries and catastrophic events like stroke or heart attack), DPC physicians have the freedom to provide comprehensive compassionate primary care. They are not worried about providing your insurance with an itemized list of each medical service they provide just to get a payment. The reality is there is no insurance that will reimburse a doctor for responding to your text, offering you a same day appointment, greeting you at the door, or getting to know your family.

Monthly Membership

When you belong to a DPC practice, members pay a flat monthly membership fee which covers almost all the primary care that is done in the office. For most people it is about the same cost as a cell phone bill or for a family the cost of one dinner out at a restaurant. No more copays for visits. You can pay with your credit card or bank account and have the freedom to discontinue the membership if you are not satisfied.

We are in Your Corner

You must ask yourself—what is my relationship with my doctor worth to me? As a member of a DPC practice, it is like having a doctor in the family, someone in your corner in this confusing world of healthcare. At the end of the day, DPC physicians strive to provide access to quality primary care at low cost to the individual as well as the healthcare system.

If you are interested in starting a relationship with us, go to our signup page as well as review the list of services offered at MyMD Personal Family Care. We look forward to taking care of you!